What are cookies?

Just as guests are offered cookies, each website offers its visitors cookies, which are files that are used to distinguish individual users. Thanks to these files, the sites remember your user preferences that the individual sites offer you (eg appearance settings, remembering your e-mail account password, remembering your e-shop address so that you don’t have to list it every time you order)…). Browsers then use these files to optimize your searches based on your previous history of your Internet traffic. Files are stored directly on your side in browsers in the form of short text messages.

Cookies do not pose a risk in themselves, the only problem can occur if a third party accesses your device on which you use the Internet, for example, if the device itself is stolen.

How to disable cookies?

Every browser you use (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox…) has the option to disable these files in its settings. However, we do not recommend disabling these files unless absolutely necessary.